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Sometimes we just need a little luck!

Skylar Diggins Rocks

B1 is out on a bike ride when I look and see him crawling around on his hands and knees in the ditch.  Legs sliding over the snow and mud and I can tell he is on the hunt for something only a six year old can appreciate.  Then he finds it, or should I say them.  Three huge (to him) rocks.  ”Dad here are some rocks for the Irish game tonight,” B1 announces.

“Why do we need rocks?” I question back.

And here comes the answer, as if I should have already known it.  ”Dad, they are gold and will give the Irish good luck tonight.”  So the rocks sat on a towel, just outside the sliding glass door while we watched the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball team beat Tennessee for the first time in 20 tries.  Yes I know that to those who watched it, you thought the win was because Skylar Diggins was absolutely unstoppable.    But in the eyes of a six year old, his little bit of luck got the assist.

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